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Bathroom Commode Wheelchair Wave 2 15501062


Bathroom trolley made entirely of aluminum painted with stainless steel dye for complete protection against water. The seat, the backrest and the armrests are made of fully waterproof polyurethane foam.

The seat has a hole in the center and a removable drawer toilet bowl. It has four 5" wheels, with the rear ones having a parking brake. The wings are foldable for maximum comfort during the entrance and the exit of the wheelchair. It has adjustable height, adjustable footrests with footrest strap.

Extra information


• Can be used both as a bathroom chair and as a transport chair

• Adjustable seat height: from 49 to 54 cm

• Seat width: 42 cm

• Seat depth: 45 cm

• Overall width: 53 cm

• Total depth: 74 cm - 59 cm without footrests

• Total weight: 13,5 Kg

• Maximum user weight: 120 Kg