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Company and Customer Liability


Compliance with the provisions of the Civil Code and the lease in general

The COMPANY fully complies with the provisions of the Civil Code regarding the leasing of products as well as the relevant provisions as amended and in force.

The COMPANY is not responsible or liable for compensating any damage or moral damage resulting from failure to provide support services. The COMPANY makes every effort to provide high quality services but cannot guarantee that there will be no mistakes.

Limitation of Liability

By entering this website, you accept that its use is at your own risk and that none of the parties involved in the creation, production or publication of this website bear any responsibility whatsoever. Including, but not limiting to, it is stated that WEBSITE and COMPANY shall have no liability for any direct, incidental, consequential or indirect damages, or for costs or expenses of any kind (including attorney’s fees, expert’s fees or other expenses), which may arise directly or indirectly from accessing, using or navigating this website or from downloading any material, text, data, images, video or audio files from this website, including but not limited to any caused by a virus, bug, human action or omission, by any computer system, telephone line, computer hardware, software or program malfunction, or any other error, omission or delay in transmission from the computer or network connection.

User’s responsibility

Each User is free to use the Website in accordance with the Law and good morals. The User assumes sole responsibility for the content of the transactions.

The COMPANY does not exercise any type of correction or mediation in the data provided by the User. The User must correctly and accurately fill in the following fields: name, address, message, etc. in the online contact forms.

The use of the Website is subject to Greek, European and International laws and the User agrees to use our Website in compliance to these laws.

In addition, the User agrees that all members, partners, employees, management, shareholders and other partners of the COPMANY are not responsible for whatever issue arising from third party members who use the Website. Any use contrary to the above, apart from penalties or civil penalties, also results in the termination of the services provided, without any notice.

Use of the rentals

Rentals should be used properly and only for personal use. The lessee or user of any product is bound to handle the product only as a lessee. They are not allowed to sublease or grant the product to any third parties.

Product Functionality – Product Damage

In case the customer receives a non-functional product, the COMPANY replaces it immediately, depending on availability.

In the event any damage is caused to the product by the lessee, they are obliged to compensate the COMPANY upon returning the product, according to the cost assessment of the damage the COMPANY will make.

Applicable Law – Jurisdiction of Courts

The present terms and conditions, any modification thereof as well as the use of the Website are governed by Greek Law. The COMPANY reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of use of the Website. Exclusively competent Courts for any dispute that may arise from the use of the website and from the reservations, agreements and contracts, which will be made through it, are designated the Courts of Corfu.