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Privacy Policy

Compliance with the EU personal data protection regulation (GDPR)

The lessee consents to the registration and retention of their personal data by the COMPANY, as well as the retention of the insurance contracts drawn up or to be drawn up on their account, which are all accessed solely by the managers of the COMPANY and, as the case may be, the respective insurance partner mediator.

Confidentiality Statement

Any information disclosed by the User upon their contact with us is only used on the basis of responding to them. Applications filled out by each User as well as the e-mails we receive by them, are treated as confidential information. The content is not shared with any third parties, unless is deemed to offend and insult the COMPANY. Such action is necessary for:

  • the protection of the rights and property of the COMPANY
  • the protection against malicious or unauthorized use of the Website
  • the protection of the personal safety or property of the users and the consumer public

Nevertheless, if the User provides the COMPANY with a false e-mail address or attempts to assume to impersonates another person when sending information online, then all information – as well as the IP address – will be part of any needed investigation.

Option to delete your personal data

As users of our website, you reserve at any time the right to update, delete or even object to the further use or processing of the information you have communicated to us, based on No. 13 of Law 2472/1997.