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Bathtub Board


the Bathtub Board is comfortable and supportive.

It rests on either side of the bath and is held in place by two adjustable brackets.

The user is able to sit on the Bathtub Board, meaning they do not have to lower themselves into and rise out of a deep bath.

This makes the Bathtub Board invaluable for people with limited leg strength and mobility.

A textured top surface helps to provide grip, and the holes allow for water drainage.

The grab handle on the end offers the user additional support and stability.

With a plastic design, the Bathtub Board is lightweight, durable and simple to clean.

Extra information

Width: 35cm (14 inches). Length: 69 or 75cm (27 or 29 inches). Weight: 2 or 3kg (1/2 stone). Maximum safe user weight: 150kg (24 stone).