South Corfu

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    issos beach wheelchair available 007
    No words can describe this beach! A cinematographic landscape is designed by an endless coastline, whereas its golden sand-hills create an imposing scenery. Rumored for its deep green waters, Issos beach will probably leave you speechless. Situated on southwest side of the island, Issos beach is easily accessible by vehicle. Attention! Do not forget to bring your camera so as to caption its vast sand-hills and immortalize its sunset.
    marathias beach wheelchair available 009
    A few minutes after Issos beach, in the same coastline, Marathias beach is to be found. It is known that Marathias beach is more crowded in comparison to Issos beach, since it disposes beach bars, where anyone can enjoy a beverage or a meal. However, it is still one of the most stunning beaches all over the island. It has easy access, whereas it combines all types of preference, since it is divided into different spots: the organized one and the isolated one. When summer comes, do not leave the beach before 21:00. You will lose its marvellous sunset!
    moraitika beach wheelchair available 008
    Moraitika village is indeed the crossroad between Corfu City and the South. There, you will find a peaceful beach, which is protected by the winds. Thus, it becomes friendly to families with children and suitable for chilling swimming. Village’s beach is easily accessible, whereas it disposes organized beach bars.
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    Lefkimi is considered to be the capital of South Corfu. It possesses many, but still unique beaches. However, its most famous one is a beach called Arkoudilas. Arkoudilas is known for its excellent landscape with a golden sandy coast and deep green waters. This beach can offer you breath-taking views, and thus you should visit it in order to take delight in its idyllic scenery.