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Ways of Lease and Cancelation of Reservations

Lease process

The reservation can be ordered in any convenient way, such as by filling out the online reservation available on the Website, by sending us an e-mail or a fax, or by directly contacting our offices via phone calling.

Payment is made through a credit or debit card after we receive the reservation request.

The reservation is only confirmed when the lease cost payment is confirmed by the COPMANY, otherwise the COMPANY is not bound to the availability of the leasing products exhibited on the Website.

Upon confirming the payment made either by credit card or by deposit, the COMPANY issues the receipt in the name of the lessee, and e-mails it to the lessee, while the paper receipt is delivered upon product delivery.

The minimum rental duration is 24 hours. Each additional hour is charged at 1/5 of the daily rate.

More specifically, the reservation process is as follows:

Assuming, for example, that the Website visitor is interested in renting an electric wheelchair.

1. They select the dates to define the period of the lease, and click on “Electric Wheelchairs” category.

2. The platform displays all available wheelchairs of this category for the selected dates.

3. The Website visitor adds to the reservation basket the item of their interest.

4. Then, they fill out their name, email, country, contact phone number, time and location of delivery and pickup. The delivery and pickup of the wheelchair is charged extra for certain destinations, such as the Airport, the Port and any accommodation in Corfu. The customer will be informed by the COMPANY on this extra charge, either by phone or e-mail, after completing the reservation. Delivery and pickup of the wheelchair from the store is free of charge.

5. The visitor will then be «transferred» to the bank’s online secure environment for the advance payment, and once the transaction is completed, they will be automatically «returned» back to the Website to confirm the reservation.

The delivery and pickup of any product chosen by the customer is charged extra from/to the point indicated by the customer after contacting the COMPANY.

Transportation cost

Delivery-Pickup from the store: Delivery and pickup from the store is free of charge, on working hours.

Delivery-Pickup at another point: Delivery and pick-up anywhere within Greece indicated by the customer incurs transport costs in addition to the reservation, which are determined by the distance and the accessibility. This cost, in general, ranges from €20 to €80. The customer is informed about this, after the registration of the reservation.

Cancellation of reservations

The customer has the right to cancel a reservation and get full refund if the cancellation is made 15 days prior to the delivery of the product. If it is made in a shorter period, from 5 to 15 days, before the delivery, then the customer gets half refund. And if the cancellation is made in less than 5 days before the product delivery, then the customer is not entitled to any refund, whatsoever.