North Corfu

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    A sandy beach with shallow water known as Agios Stefanos is ideal for those who want to relax by the sea. Agios Stephanos beach is located northwest of Corfu, whereas it is surrounded by a lavishly green landscape, upon which the homonym traditional settlement is built. The beach is accessible either on foot or public transportation with often service. It is an organized coast, suitable both for families and companies. Totally worth-visiting!
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    Now we are talking about a breath-taking village on the north part of Corfu, which has access to more than 1 beach. Batiaria, Kalamonas and Imerolia constitute the 3 top ones. Kassiopi was always a settlement of fishermen, whereas it still preserves a traditional touch when it comes to its architecture. Its beaches have rich vegetation and large white pebbles, which endow sea water with its transparent, turquoise color
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    The touristic resort of the North! This is the beach which combines every choice! Swimming, wandering around, food and drinks by the sea. You will even been served when being in the sea, so as to stay refreshed. It is a busy beach still with calm waters, thus making it suitable for children and big companies.
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    An endless though quite beach is located on the southwest side of Corfu. Its name is Agios Georgios Pagon. A spectacular landscape embraces perfectly the bay, whereas the beach spreads along many kilometers. It is about an organized beach with bars, restaurants and cafeterias, not to mention that you can practice sea sports. This beach is ideal for families, which, nevertheless, does not lose its romantic touch, since you can take pleasure in its unique sunset.
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    For sure, an amazing beach is located on the northwest side of the island. It is known as Arillas beach. A vast extent is covered with sand, upon which deep green waters create calm waves. Arillas beach is recommended for families and couples, since it has easy access, in addition to the fact that it is surrounded by romantic sand-hills. There, you can find beach bars, restaurants and cafeterias, whilst it is really known for hosting Corfu beer festival every year. Absolutely worth-visiting!
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    Sidari is a relatively new resort situated in North Corfu, about 35 kilometers away from the capital. In this area, visitors can find 3 different beaches, characterized by a yellowish color. Canal d’ amour beach is the most famous above all, which is at the same time a unique landmark all over Corfu. Underneath the settlement, visitors can find an organized beach, which spreads parallel to the main road. This beach is quite large, covered with sand and shallow waters. The third beach is located in a small bay with characteristic rocky formations.