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    agios stefanos beach wheelchair available 001
    A sandy beach with shallow water known as Agios Stefanos is ideal for those who want to relax by the sea. Agios Stephanos beach is located northwest of Corfu, whereas it is surrounded by a lavishly green landscape, upon which the homonym traditional settlement is built. The beach is accessible either on foot or public transportation with often service. It is an organized coast, suitable both for families and companies. Totally worth-visiting!
    palaiokastritsa beach wheelchair available 010
    It is perhaps about the most famous beach all over Corfu. Its name is Palaiokastritsa. Palaiokastritsa beach charms every visitor with its bright blue waters as well as its rocky landscape. Only 25 kilometers away from Corfu Town, it is easily accessible either by your own car or with often public transportation. A rambling coast with wild beauty unveils its secret, which are hidden into its underwater caves.
    glifada beach wheelchair available 005
    The beach with the golden sand! Just 15 kilometers away from Corfu Town and beneath Pelekas Hill, a cosmopolitan beach unfolds: Glifada. This endless coastline is suitable for every age or preference, i.e. either you want to stay alone or relax in one of its beach bars. Warm and shallow waters characterize this beach, whereas it is easily accessible by car or by bus.
    paramonas beach wheelchair available 011
    On the southwest side of Corfu, Paramonas beach is to be found. A not so well known beach like Paramonas is ideal for those who seek relaxation and isolation. However, we are still mentioning a beloved coast thanks to its bright green and crystalline waters. It is an idyllic beach with easy access, which promises to offer total relaxation and rejuvenation to those who love playing with the waves.
    issos beach wheelchair available 007
    No words can describe this beach! A cinematographic landscape is designed by an endless coastline, whereas its golden sand-hills create an imposing scenery. Rumored for its deep green waters, Issos beach will probably leave you speechless. Situated on southwest side of the island, Issos beach is easily accessible by vehicle. Attention! Do not forget to bring your camera so as to caption its vast sand-hills and immortalize its sunset.
    marathias beach wheelchair available 009
    A few minutes after Issos beach, in the same coastline, Marathias beach is to be found. It is known that Marathias beach is more crowded in comparison to Issos beach, since it disposes beach bars, where anyone can enjoy a beverage or a meal. However, it is still one of the most stunning beaches all over the island. It has easy access, whereas it combines all types of preference, since it is divided into different spots: the organized one and the isolated one. When summer comes, do not leave the beach before 21:00. You will lose its marvellous sunset!
    aigiannis peristerwn beach wheelchair available 002
    On the southeast side of the island, an equally beautiful beach is to be found. Agios Ioannis Peristeron is considered as the ideal beach for children. It has easy access, it is organized whereas it offers many sea sports options.  The beach is covered with pebbles and dark-colored sand, whilst it is rumored for its shallow waters. Your kids will definitely enjoy playing upon its sandy surface, while you can wander upon the wooden platforms along the sea water
    benitses beach wheelchair available 013
    Within 20 minutes far from city centre you will reach Benitses. It is about a famous beach with many references in old, rustic songs. Back then Benitses used to be a local fishers’ village, but right now it is one of the most crowded beaches along Corfu. It is a considered as a safe option for families with kids, since its waters are nearly always calm. Go for swimming, have a late evening walking and enjoy a dish of fresh seafood!
    ipsos beach wheelchair available 006
    Just 14 kilometers away, Ipsos is well-known for its nightlife thanks to its numerous bars and clubs. Ipsos coastline spreads within a bay, whereas the whole village extends backwards. Ipsos is an organized beach with pebbles and totally transparent waters whereas it provides many options for sea sports. The sea is usually calm, whereas its depth increases gradually.
    kassiopi beach wheelchair available 008
    Now we are talking about a breath-taking village on the north part of Corfu, which has access to more than 1 beach. Batiaria, Kalamonas and Imerolia constitute the 3 top ones. Kassiopi was always a settlement of fishermen, whereas it still preserves a traditional touch when it comes to its architecture. Its beaches have rich vegetation and large white pebbles, which endow sea water with its transparent, turquoise color