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Home Oxygen Concentrator Nuvo Lite



he Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Home Oxygen Concentrator is a small at-home concentrator device. It is simple to move from room to room because of its solid handle, lockable castors, and durable exterior and components. Because it is a continuous-flow oxygen concentrator, the Nidek Nuvo Lite continuously provides the patient with oxygen. It takes less than three minutes for this at-home oxygen generator to purify oxygen.  It will produce up to five liters of oxygen per minute. It is a dependable option for individuals who need more oxygen because of its compact design and quiet operation.

Like all oxygen concentrators, the Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite requires a prescription from a licensed physician. Prior to purchasing, consult your doctor to see if supplemental oxygen is right for you.

Extra information



  • Average power consumption: 290 watts
  • Condensation: 90 + (+ 5.5% / -3%)
  • Oxygen Flow: 0.125 to 5LPM
  • Sound Level: under 40 dBA
  • Output Pressure: 7.0 PSI
  • Weight: 13.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 35 cm x 22 cm x 58 cm