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Electric Multi-folding Wooden Nursing Bed ECO II

Extra information

  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Foldable, transferable, easily and quick assembled by one person only
  • Electric back elevation
  • Electric height elevation at 40-80cm
  • Suspension included
  • Extension for the taller patients with the appropriate accessory
  • Wooden side frame covers that hide the elevation mechanisms
  • Manual adjustment of feet with the use of the appropriate accessory
  • Option for extra bed sides for more safety
  • Option for side lamp attachment
  • Total dimensions:218x101cm
  • Spring dimensions:200x90cm
  • The electrically elevating metal frame of 4 folds is standardised and can carry weight up to 185Kg.
  • Remote control with lock function.
  • Anti-Trendelenburg function.
  • Robust construction.
  • High quality solid wheels of the German factory Tente.
  • The margin between the bed is sufficient for all elevation cranes.
  • Inside wooden covers for the bed sides.
  • Easy to transfer and store.